Yaacomo is a smart, relational, in-memory database management system for real-time analytics and big data solutions and many more purposes. Simply put - the world's fastest universal database.

What makes Yaacomo so special?

Fast and efficient

Thanks to massively parallel algorithms and the power of modern graphic processors, Yaacomo can handle hundreds of simultaneous processes within one clock cycle. This makes Yaacomo one of the fastest databases in the world. Even if operated on CPU, you will benefit from the high performance of Yaacomo.

Green and sustainable

Due to its architecture, Yaacomo requires only 10 watts and the size of your palm to reach the performance of a traditional database server. Thus, Yaacomo allows radical reduction of energy, space, and the waste of valuable raw materials like REEs. For its pioneering visions Yaacomo was awarded with the GreenIT Award 2011!

Easy to migrate

Yaacomo supports many interfaces and was developed as a plug-and-play solution. Existing applications can simply be switched to Yaacomo without having a big impact on your operations. Just replace your current database and go on like you did before - only that your applications will run much faster.

What you can do with Yaacomo

Accelerate applications

Slow applications are annoying and limit operations. With Yaacomo as your new DBMS your processes will speed up by at least a factor of 10.

Machine to machine

Autonomous, powerful micro-computers (Embedded Systems) are increasingly getting wirelessly connected to each other and to the Internet. Also in this promising field Yaacomo can be used for the collection, storage and exchange of data.

Real-time analytics

Use the potential of your most recent data. The performance of Yaacomo allows the collecting, processing and analyzing of big data volumes in real-time.

Big data solutions

The massively parallel processing in combination with powerful hardware makes Yaacomo an essential tool, if you have to handle huge and complex data sets, which common database systems are often unable to process.

Reduce costs

Yaacomo enables cost savings in several areas: less hardware investments, less consumption of electricity, no expensive licenses.

Get mobile

Yaacomo can even be operated on APUs and is therefore able to run directly on smartphones and tablets. If you need to have your data right on your device, this is the perfect solution for you.