Think-Tank – Having an idea to start with

In order, to put ideas into practice, our team is constantly working together with research partners. Together, we want to work on new challenges and create a different technical future. Often, this starts with a simple passionate talk about common interest and develops to be a productive cooperation.

To start with, together, we analyse the market requirements on which first technical starting points are discussed. The next step is to analyse all possible options and to find an ideal solution to meet all hardware and software requirements. After this we start the most exciting phase: the development phase, in which the technical solution will be made complete until it’s ready for the market.

Yaacomo – High Performance Database Solution

It was the goal of this project to develop our own database technology, to handle current and future challenges of ever-growing amounts of data. The output of this project is Yaacomo – a NoSQL in-memory database, which makes optimal use of graphic processors. Thanks to its massively parallel programming, Yaacomo is fastest universal database in the world.

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