The green Power Solution

Every success rests on pillars. Let Yaacomo be one of yours.

Yaacomo is a high performance computing (HPC) solution designed to master most massive requirements concerning access and computing times. The emergence and the breakthrough of HPC technologies these days result from the need to meet two of the major demands in state-of-the-art businesses. While some businesses urgently need speed optimization and capacity increase, others tend to focus on economies resulting from reduced resource consumption.

For your highest competitiveness, Yaacomo provides powerful renewals addressing both approaches. Some valuable improvements that resolve bottlenecks and drive cost optimization are:

  • Faster management of more data To make businesses more agile
  • More efficient energy and space utilization To simplify IT infrastructure
  • Open standard and Green IT technologies For reduced costs in many areas (such as infrastructure, maintenance, experts, hardware or license costs)

Our aim was nothing less than making Yaacomo your strongest and most reliable partner in accomplishing business goals.

Resource Protection: Reduce power consumption without power loss.

Green IT – one of the biggest issues of our time. The term includes sustainable solutions allowing the environmental and resource-friendly use of information and communication technology. Recent developments in information technology contribute to the GreenIT idea due to a significant increase in energy efficiency. These HPC innovations generate their especially high savings potential from extremely better computational power utilization.

The Green IT awarded Yaacomo software achieves the performance of a supercomputer on standardized hardware. The results: less hardware requirements, less energy consumption, less waste heat, less space requirements. Big data without big expense.

The use of power saving technologies reduces environmental impacts and financial burdens, for a livable future and more available capital to re-invest.

Save a substantial amount of valuable resources and enjoy cost-reduction!

Super Performance: Speed-up data processing via parallel computing.

The OpenCL-based Yaacomo software marks a new milestone in parallel data processing. It is developed from scratch to allow CPU and GPU devices to perform the tasks they are best suited for. This approach accelerates data flow at a magnitude never thought possible.

The refined architecture comprises intelligent in-memory data management for low access times as well as column-oriented data storage for lightweight processing.

Speed up slow processes and profit from significant time-savings and application enhancement!

Future Orientation: Deploy a well-wrought solution that thinks ahead.

To make Yaacomo software an up-to-date data specialist, our team has undertaken various real-life performance tests in distinct and elaborate environments provided by our strategic partners and customers. Our experiences from these tests were the last step towards a solution that makes your data challenges a thing of the past.

During the system analysis phase, the system integration phase and the subsequent productive phase we offer comprehensive services to make you profit from our experienced data experts. Systems analysis, validation and varied support options ensure that your Yaacomo solutions run fast and perform as expected.

Be prepared for the future!

When will your business benefit from Yaacomo?