Big Data on small Server: Q2WEB presents Yaacomo at Vodafone Innovation Days 2013

Oktober 11, 2013


From 8 to 10 October Yaacomo and Hewlett Packard Germany had a common booth at this year’s Vodafone Innovation Days.

With the experts from HP the ideal interaction of HP’s Moonshot Server and the Yaacomo database software was presented. By our showcase „Big Data on small Server“ we demonstrated the power of Yaacomo.

Therefore an application was showed that combines free geographical basic data with statistical data and market information in interactive maps and diagramms. By this sythesis it enables the acquisition of new insights and statements about spatio-temporal coherences.

Usually, the performance of such applications suffers from the enormous quantity of the data that have to be analysed and are often hold in distributed systems. In our showcase however, all data is consolidatedly stored in one Yaacomo database. This allows a very powerful application that is just great fun.