The History of Q2Web

Q2Web is a mid-sized company, which is still run by its owners. The company was the result of the company Weiler Systemberatung, which originated in 1988. Q2Web was founded in 2004 in Düsseldorf and has currently about 40 employees and established scalable human resource sources.

The company is responsible for developing individual software products for customers from the most differing industries. With our special expertise in the areas of business intelligence and data management, we support banks, commercial enterprises, fiscal authorities and telecommunication companies, to optimize their systems and processes.

Q2Web as a Data Refiner

Especially the working relationship with telecommunication companies has caused Q2Web to be a first mover in gaining valuable information from large datasets. We were able to learn from the possibilities, challenges and limits that are associated with the processing of constantly growing amounts of data in today’s business world and use this experience to create solutions in terms of complex IT-systems. Moreover, we were able to test the possibilities of data processing with other local companies as for instance in the field of data journalism.

Q2Web as a Product Developer

Since 2006 we have been focussing on technical solutions, which are up-to standard with regards to their processing capacities. Due to this experience, in 2008 we had the idea to use our yearlong project experience and our technical know-how to create our own innovative product. New, special challenges need new technological solutions. This is how the idea of our ambitious developing project has evolved.

The result is our product – Yaacomo – a high performance technology for efficient data processing. We are especially proud, that our efforts have been honoured with the GreenIT award in 2011.