Key Features

The fit-for-purpose Components

Enjoy a flexible and energetic DBMS solution that can manage large amounts of structured as well as unstructured data. This advanced database management system gives access to data with full granularity and reliably processes transactions according to the ACID properties.


The Yaacomo DBMS uses various techniques to be a performance specialist for every kind of workload. Data takes the fastest track route to the goal. First, the software provides data at once. Second, it leverages hardware utilization and uses all available multi-core processing units.

  • Heterogeneous computing (CPU including GPU computing resources, APUs)
  • In-Memory transactional speeds due to minimized I/O traffic
  • Massively parallel execution
  • Compressed columnar storage
  • Individual setting options for performance optimization

Capacity and Scalability

For performance enhancement and processing capacity increase, Yaacomo is free to scale and supports table partitioning in order to lift GPU hardware limitations. Its flexible architecture ensures consistently high application responsiveness as queries can be distributed during load peaks.

  • Horizontal scalability
  • Advanced memory management via partitioning
  • Load distribution due to replication
  • Powerful supplementary interface for user defined commands (JavaScript)


Yaacomo functions like a master key. It is designed for cross-platform use and integrates with all CPU/GPU/APU processors of most different devices – one software for all systems. You just need to have an OpenCL-capable device to gain the benefit of Yaacomo’s massive computing power.

  • Vendor independent (AMD, Intel, Nvidia or ARM processors)
  • Wide range of applications (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop and Server Systems)
  • Available for various operating systems (Linux, Windows, and Android)

Easy Migration and Integration

Several features allow an easy integration with existing applications. Therefore, no cost-intensive query rewrites or time-consuming data loadings are necessary. Yaacomo supports ANSI SQL and has performance optimized standard interfaces as well as an integrated Import-Export-System.

  • Compatible to ANSI SQL
  • Easy migration paths to Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MySQL
  • Yaaporter: A convenient graphical tool for import and export


In order to guarantee the full autonomy over enterprise data, Yaacomo offers secure and controlled access to them. Its database administration options include the possibility to set up role-based access rights to selected database objects. This protects sensitive data and gives full transparency.

  • Advanced database encryption (AES-256)
  • Client-Server Data Transfer via Secure Sessions (SSL)
  • Strict security settings like password-protected user accounts and clear assignment of rights

Consistency and High Availability

Yaacomo keeps databases in a healthy and always-on state. Extra protection features allow a fully, quick and easy data recovery from durable and replicable copies. Transactions are always recorded and committed to hard disk. The data distribution to other nodes bridges server failures.

  • Transaction management
  • Routine Data Backup on Hard Disk
  • Recording of all database changes via transaction logs
  • Failover and desaster recovery via automatic synchronous or asynchronous replication