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Q2WEB and HP sign partnership agreement

Januar 23, 2014


Q2WEB intensifies the collaboration with Hewlett-Packard and completes a technology partnership.

As producer of the award-winning, fastest universal database Yaacomo we always look for new, powerful but economical hardware that together with our software gets the optimum in performance and energy out of it. In HP’s ProLiant Moonshot Server we were able to find. This innovative server technology uses extremely energy-saving processors and is currently still quite new on the market. Due to its architecture the Moonshot Server solution enables a massive reduction of energy and floor space requirement compared to common server solutions and is by this the perfect hardware to operate with Yaacomo on servers.

The AllianceOne Partner Program supports among others software producers with the development of their solutions on HP platforms. As a partner Q2WEB benefits from the numerous tools and resources helpung us to promote the sale as well as the consistent further development of our database software. Hewlett-Packard provides e.g. HP infrastructure of hardware, software, and related services. Above that, our developers get technical support and access to technical documents and special developer trainings.

We are looking forward to a constructive and exciting collaboration.

Big Data on small Server: Q2WEB presents Yaacomo at Vodafone Innovation Days 2013

Oktober 11, 2013


From 8 to 10 October Yaacomo and Hewlett Packard Germany had a common booth at this year’s Vodafone Innovation Days.

With the experts from HP the ideal interaction of HP’s Moonshot Server and the Yaacomo database software was presented. By our showcase „Big Data on small Server“ we demonstrated the power of Yaacomo.

Therefore an application was showed that combines free geographical basic data with statistical data and market information in interactive maps and diagramms. By this sythesis it enables the acquisition of new insights and statements about spatio-temporal coherences.

Usually, the performance of such applications suffers from the enormous quantity of the data that have to be analysed and are often hold in distributed systems. In our showcase however, all data is consolidatedly stored in one Yaacomo database. This allows a very powerful application that is just great fun.

Dieter Weiler as speaker at the GreenIT Best Practice Award 2012 ceremony

November 27, 2012


One year after the award Dieter Weiler, CEO of Q2WEB, spoke at this year’s award ceremony in Berlin. In 2011 Yaacomo received the special prize at the GreenIT Best Practice Award for its visionary database concept. The completely self-developed database management system is based on massively parallel programming, and uses graphics processors for the computing process.

In his talk „Yaacomo – From Vision to Reality“ he presented the concept of Yaacomo und explained the way from the initial vision to its implementation into practice. Above that he described his experiences especially the impediments and prospects a radical innovations involves.

Yaacomo wins GreenIT Award 2011

November 22, 2011

Congratulations! The entire Yaacomo team of Q2WEB GmbH is happy to announce that we have received the GreenIT Adward 2011.


Yesterday was the day: At 7pm at the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWI) Q2WEB GmbH was awarded a special prize for the development of the Yaacomo db and its special potential for saving energy and resources.

Dieter Weiler, Q2WEB’s CEO: “This recognition of our achievements motivates the entire team. We will now get the product ready for market as soon as possible and in the weeks to come we will administer real-life-tests in our technology partners’ datacenters.”

Yaacomo Box: GreenIT-nominated

Oktober 27, 2011


The Yaacomo Box is now GreenIT-Award-nominated. The entire Yaacomo team is proud of this recognition of our innovative work, which from now on we will continue with an ever greater motivation. We say thank you to the GreenIT 2011 organizers and jury. This nomination is an honour to us.