Q2WEB and HP sign partnership agreement

Januar 23, 2014


Q2WEB intensifies the collaboration with Hewlett-Packard and completes a technology partnership.

As producer of the award-winning, fastest universal database Yaacomo we always look for new, powerful but economical hardware that together with our software gets the optimum in performance and energy out of it. In HP’s ProLiant Moonshot Server we were able to find. This innovative server technology uses extremely energy-saving processors and is currently still quite new on the market. Due to its architecture the Moonshot Server solution enables a massive reduction of energy and floor space requirement compared to common server solutions and is by this the perfect hardware to operate with Yaacomo on servers.

The AllianceOne Partner Program supports among others software producers with the development of their solutions on HP platforms. As a partner Q2WEB benefits from the numerous tools and resources helpung us to promote the sale as well as the consistent further development of our database software. Hewlett-Packard provides e.g. HP infrastructure of hardware, software, and related services. Above that, our developers get technical support and access to technical documents and special developer trainings.

We are looking forward to a constructive and exciting collaboration.