The fastest Data Management System

Make a technological leap in data processing. Make future visions reality.

The new generation DBMS Yaacomo will change your idea of how to use operational data. Its advanced and efficiency-centered approach is unmatched in performance and price. The well-defined interlocking concepts help powerfully in making appreciable differences in universality and usability as well.

Insights into the inner workings

The underlying software architecture departs most radically from that of conventional DBMS as they are not up to today’s torrents of data and minimum latency requirements. Yaacomo offers a comfortable all-in solution to eliminate the need for complex extra tools.

Performance Booster OpenCLTM

OpenCLTM is the first open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of calculation cores of almost all modern computers. It offers what was painfully missed in the past: the opportunity to code excellent parallel-processing databases that can be used in all platform environments.

For years, the Q2WEB GmbH has been an innovative provider of business acceleration solutions.Therefore, our promise to ourselves and to our clients is to be one of the leading software companies for OpenCLTM programming worldwide.

Parallel data processing means that computation-intensive processes are outsourced from the CPU to the GPU. A powerful GPU has over 2000 computing cores ready for massive concurrent utilization – at least more than 100 times the amount of a powerful CPU. Using the potential of this highly parallelized hardware architecture makes OpenCLTM software as powerful as software on supercomputers. OpenCLTM databases make a difference by handling mass data sovereignly and making even the most demanding applications run much faster.

Get the computational power you need and profit from the many advantages of high performance computing!

Best performance for any enterprise

Generate information on the fly. Due to its smart OpenCL™ algorithms Yaacomo only performs parallel processing whenever it is superior to CPU processing. It delivers highest rates of acceleration in incredibly wide areas of compute-intensive operations. Just a few of them are:

  • Deep analysis of hierarchical data by representing the tree structures Figure out hidden relationships
  • Most efficient data analysis by combining data records Discover trends and detect patterns
  • Information retrieval by searching for complex content Make existing data available
  • Highly performant execution of range queries Explore new aspects
  • Quickest result processing by sorting Develop a workable structure

In addition, Yaacomo’s integrated in-memory technology with on-disk durability holds data available where it is processed to avoid latency. Actually, increased main memory volumes of latest hardware generations can store whole enterprise databases. Built on a smart and reliable technical basis by which algorithms are faster than ever, Yaacomo even dispensed with indexing. This makes time-consuming procedures for updating indexed trees a thing of the past.

Universality and Usability

The Yaacomo technology is fully committed to consistency and convenience. All of the software tools you know and operating processes you established will be still in place – now pleasantly supported with a unique data processing quality.

For the sake of simplicity, Yaacomo’s comprehensive and sustainable features include, among others:

  • Easy migration paths for efficient data import
  • Standard interfaces for highly flexible connection options
  • Optimized transmission protocols for fast transfer of data
  • SQL query language for easy database accessing and advanced analytics
  • JavaScript integration for lightweight scripting
  • Automatic back-up and replication features for high reliability and availability
  • Encryption for secure transaction processing