Why Yaacomo

The optimal Big Data Performer

Latest technologies have changed the world of business, but data will trigger even bigger changes

Big Data is the new centerpiece of business – vital supplier of information providing realistic insights into business performance. It is of particular importance to use the full Big Data potential when it comes to time-sensitive or economically important processes and decisions.

Huge amounts of data can be a curse or a blessing. As practical experience teaches, Big Data challenges do not only show up in large scale enterprises with millions of users and terabyte of data. You are in good company as Big Data is an important key issue for data-driven entities of any size and across a broad range of industries and research organizations.

Thanks to latest programming methods and languages our innovative Yaacomo technology meets Big Data challenges and facilitates data processing tremendously. Whatever your sector is, it is ideal for:

  • High throughputs with nested operations
  • Fast data exploitation like analysis and prognosis
  • Complex data consolidation from different sources
  • Advanced environments with multiple applications and clients
  • High-speed mass data processing

Manage Today`s and Future Big Data

Identify the real potentials of your business. Yaacomo accelerates existing systems massively and empowers them to be equipped with new innovative applications for deeper, real-time insights. Having all relevant information immediately at hand enables everyone to make better and faster decisions as well as react quickly to events. The leverage obtained can be used for improvements like new levels of customer services, refined business strategies or faster project progress.

Improve User Experience

One main emphasis in our development program was to create a beneficial working tool. As we know, massive productivity gains in businesses are not only created by extremely fast data processing but even more by satisfied users. Yaacomo facilitates cumbersome and time-consuming processes and makes life even easier for users, thanks to simple and fast access as well as intuitive workflows at each step of data handling.

Respond to Growing Business Requirements

Yaacomo is the answer to important requirements imposed by modern business, including the fact that business never comes to a standstill. More data, more users, and more hardware – no matter, who your business changes, Yaacomo will keep up with you.

Upgrade your IT system to the latest technology level and get the most of it.

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